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Coach's Corner, The - "The official blog of Pat Harrison and the Competitive Edge Sports Academy." (Recreation - Little Rock)

Down & Out in Arkansas - Personal posts from a blogger who asks the question, "Can I get some enchiladas over here?!" (Journal Style - Location Unspecified)

Menial Mumblings of a Madman, The - "This is the mumblings and ranting of a madman...namely Me. You can read or you can leave, I leave the choice up to you." (Journal Style - Sherwood)

Moving Finger Writes, The - "A weblog devoted to politics, cultural events, sports, and anything else we damn well feel like posting as the mood strikes us." (Journal Style - Little Rock)

North Pulaski Ramblings - "North Pulaski Ramblings is the zany commentary of a former newspaper copy editor/designer. We offer our views on local, state and national subjects of interest from Our Command Center in North Pulaski County!" (Journal Style - Jacksonville)

Oddfellow's Rest - "Genu-Reflections from a New Orleans Expat." (Journal Style - Northwest Arkansas)

Pulaski County Special School District Fraud Watch - "Documentation of criminal activities within the Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD), Arkansas USA and select complicit members of the school board." (Current News & Events - Location Unspecified)

Tool Shed, The - Personal posts and information on 'tools of the week'. (Journal Style - Little Rock)

(Week Ending 11-27-2005 - 7 New Blogs Added)

Adfunk Arkansas - "Official blog. Provides comprehensive news information regarding Arkansas. Explore travel deals, weather info, city and park info, photos, business, communities, services, legislature, courts and tech training." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Location Unspecified)

Arkansas Food Blog, The - Culinary event news and recipes. (Local Entertainment - North Little Rock)

Democrazy Matters - Liberal posts on politics and social issues. (Current News & Satire - Benton)

Developing Life, The - "I am the Minister of Worship and Arts for a UMC in central AR, exploring what "church" should look like in the next 50 years. I like living life in the tenuous balance between lightheartedness and profundity." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Benton)

Ninja Poodles - "About my...Daughter, Husband, Family, Horses, Soap, Singing, Reading, Movies, Playing, Fishing, Internet Addiction, Assorted Flotsam & Jetsam...and lots and lots of Poodles. Ninja Poodles." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Location Unspecified)

Nixon's Memoirs - "An intimate journal of opinion, thought, and everyday life." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Little Rock)

Rants of a Redneck - "Random ramblings of a real redneck. Yes, it's Billy-Bob with a Blog!!! God help us all…" (Special Interest - Journal Style - Benton)

(Week Ending 11-20-2005 - 6 New Blogs Added)

Citizen's Journal, The - Conservative posts on politics and social issues. (Current News & Commentary - Location Unspecified)

Corey and Jay Show Blog, The - Daily humorous images and posts from the popular radio personalities Corey and Jay of Little Rock's 'The Edge' radio station (100.3FM). Scroll down on the main page until you see 'The Blog...' (Comedy & Satire - Little Rock)

etc. - "Cinema, poetry, music, comics. you know the drill." (Entertainment News & Commentary - Fayetteville)

KARN Newsradio Reaction Blog - The blog of Little Rock radio station KARN (920AM/102.9FM) serving as an interactive forum for listeners to discuss daily broadcasts and stories. (Current News & Commentary - Little Rock)

Razorback, The - "By the grace of JFB and the ingenuity of Al Gore you've reached The Razorback. Defender of the Faith, Self-Proclaimed Prophet of the People, and Believer in the the Triple Option since 1984." (Sport News & Commentary - Little Rock)

Techography - "A Never Ending Source of Information." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Pea Ridge \ Avoca)

(Week Ending 11-13-2005 - 14 New Blogs Added)

Ahh! Not Another Blog! - "Yes! Another boring journal about some guy's not-so-interesting life." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Location Unspecified)

Arkansas Capitalist Connection - "The purpose of this blog is to discuss market economics and to offer constructive criticism of politicos in Arkansas who say things which contradict basic economic theory." (Business News & Commentary - Location Unspecified)

Arkansas Gay History - "Welcome to Arkansas Gay History BLOG, here I will collect news and Historical documents and Stories and personal interviews that Document Gay and Lesbian CIVIL and Public History of the Citizens of the Great state of Arkansas." (Special Interest - Gay Community - Little Rock)

Arkansas Pictures for Your Pleasure - "Just Pictures of this beautiful place, and maybe from some travels as well." (Special Interest - Photography - North Little Rock)

Colter's Journal - "A sporadically updated web journal and photo blog from a guy in Little Rock, Arkansas." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Little Rock)

Dime Among Nickels, A - "This is just a place for me to post pictures, links, and information I find interesting. A lot of it will probably be political and boring." (Current News & Satire - Location Unspecified)

Expanding Consciousness, Diminishing Returns - "Struggling to balance the equation." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Location Unspecified)

Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock - Gang related news stories and other posts from Steve Nawojczyk, the state's foremost expert on non-traditional youth-groups. (Current News & Commentary - North Little Rock)

Geek Horde - "Monkeys with guns. And fun." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Fayetteville)

Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor Blog - "This blog is dedicated to the Undisputed Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World, Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor." (Special Interest - Sports - Location Unspecified)

Nothing Unreal Exists
- "Dedicated (ideally) to the discourse of ideas in a small attempt to vanquish ignorance and intolerance, but in practice...dedicated to random ramblings and photography."
(Special Interest - Journal Style - Fayetteville)

Pusillanimous Wankers - Democratic posts on politics and social issues. (Current News & Satire - Fayetteville)

Razorback Lawyer - "A lawyer from the West Memphis and Marion community gives note and comment on Arkansas law from a Crittenden County perspective." (Legal News & Commentary - West Memphis)

White Noise - " The Journal of Nick White of Fayetteville, Arkansas." (Special Interest - Journal Style - Fayetteville)

(Week Ending 11-06-2005)
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